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Medal of Honor

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1Medal of Honor Empty Medal of Honor on Tue Oct 19, 2010 4:44 pm

Anyone play the new Medal of Honor yet? I rented it for the 360 yesterday and finished it today. Yes the Single player is short, but its a good ride even though I missed my keyboard. I found it to be more fun than MW1 (Maybe with the exception to the level "All ghillied up" thats a great level.) The campaign is based on real events in Afghanistan, and the game overall takes itself much more seriously than MW's 80's action movie story line. (and not in the good cheesy way) Even though I could nitpick the lack of character development, color scheme and the fact its another modern war game to add to the pile we are getting sick of.

I havent tried the multiplayer but from what I hear its like BC2 on speed (with realistic perks) minus the bullet drop, destruction and vehicles.

Not sure if its worth the $60 EA is asking for, but pick it up when its a lower price or at least rent it!

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2Medal of Honor Empty Re: Medal of Honor on Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:57 am


ya I'm skipping MOH, all of the reviews say its just ok, nothing special about it. The gameplay footage I saw looks so-so. I do like BFBC2 with the vehicles and destruction 2.0 and bullet drop.

I'm preordering COD black-ops so I'll save my cash for that one.

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