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OMG, video of woman on a cell from from 1928!!!!!

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ok, don't know what she is holding & talking into but it is interesting least for now until the government tells us that it is just swamp gas from a weather balloon being reflected off of the electical storm on Venus.

OMG, video of woman on a cell from from 1928!!!!! Zebug5nu
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lol thats trippy! I cant even tell if something is truly in her hand. nor can I tell it's truly a her beyond the attire! lol. as for the hand.. couldnt it just be formed that way from a number of ailments and the poor manwoman is just scratching herhis ear and adjustng the hat?

also, why is the zebra's rear legs so creepily spread apart?!

in the end.. i'm going so say massive camera fail for not being shot in 1080p! Suspect Laughing

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